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Lauralie, a.k.a. Amazon Girl
April 27, 2014
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Somi, a.k.a. Shuqi
April 30, 2014

Sophie, a.k.a. Double Black

  • TaskSuspendisse fermentum erat. Duis consequat tortor. Mauris ut tellus a dolor. Suspendisse nec tellus.

Probably the most secret agent, she plays in both spheres. Working for the government, she was placed in Blacklist Supplements. Even though she is a government agent and nothing more, she demonstrates surprising physical abilities. She is suspected of having secretly tried several of the company’s products.

The company denies any involvement on its part and ensures that she is there merely as a simple government attaché. Yet several witnesses affirm having seen her working with the company. We don’t currently know for whom she is really working.